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ultxliger Level 217 Mardia Kanna 4
Sep 26 2011 Now you can see what monster will drop that rare thing you might have been looking for all this time :O Once I killed it, it dropped more than just mesos and an etc item. It was almost like I killed a boss o-o but less drops

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sush99 Level 156 Galicia Blade Master
i got a mmb from a kill anyone need rapid fire 30 in tepsia?
Sep 27 2011
monkeyreape3 Level 149 Bellocan Mercedes 4
Level 120+ Rare Monsters drop MMB's every time, chances for scrolls too. Lvl 120- Rare Monsters drop 2-5 tickets for the monster park room of their level range and chances for scrolls.
Sep 27 2011
Wait.... you can see if the monster is *special*
Sep 27 2011

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