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Ratchet and Clank PS4 annoys me

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rondragon123 Level 200 Scania F/P Arch Mage
Ok, first of all i just want to say that i dont hate the remake, its actually quite a delight, but there are some things that i think should have been changed, or rather, get undone. and i know Insomniac wont change it now, so ill just have to live with the fact that this is what we get, lets learn to enjoy it.

so the first thing that grinds my gears is the music. the background music seems really lack lustered and its realy annoying because in the original game, every planet had a unique style of music, and you could actually hum the music, because it was MUSIC. now its just 'violins+flutes+trumpets' every time, and it makes the game feel less enjoyable because of it. i would have loved it if they just remade the old OST's and try, using the technology we have today, to improve it, give it even more depth, and make it a true masterpiece. but they made the background music into what it is, a BACKGROUND music. you hear it in the background, but you dont really focus on it. its just sad.

the other thing that makes me mad about the remake is that, sure, the enemies are a lot stronger, and the game in itself is much more difficult, but it's tiering at the same time. all you hear is explosions and all you see is explosions. i'v seen some new gameplays and seriously most of what i saw were explosions of various kinds.
i dont know how much time i can sit and play while my eyes are getting tired from even 15 minutes of gameplay.
in my opinion the fact that you could SEE the area around you and SEE where you are standing, and what you are avoiding, is a major thing that was excellently executed in the original game, and its a shame that with such new visuals and graphics, instead of enjoying the planet you visit, and instead of being aware of where you are during battle, you have to focus on what the heck is going on on my screen?!

the last thing i find a bit annoying is the fact that the story isn't exactly the same as the original.
"if something is working, dont bother changing it" they say, yet they had to change it.
i guess this part is mostly subjective, and should not matter to new players trying the game out.
but still, the motives of the characters, the personality of each character, how they interact with the environment and with other characters, its all very dull, and seems like it is again, lacking a "spark".

in conclusion, i dont think the game is neccesserly bad, its just a shame that it could be better but it didnt deliver what huge potential it had. in my opinion this game delivers like 60% of what it could have.
therefor i give it a 6/10.
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rondragon123 Level 200 Scania F/P Arch Mage
@sirkibble: the game isn't out yet, but i believe its there. we will see.
Mar 15 2016

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