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RayKuda Lv 200 Hero Video

By xXjarakudaXx

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Schlitzer Level 70 KradiaEMS Crusader
sadly i cannot watch the video because of german rights and youtube beeing silly here buuuuut, u have 41,4k range with mw and rage an du got 88%str? i had 150% str and had 37k clean o_o 150att sword,18att shield, 15att belt, 18att mon, 21att pac n stuff...
Nov 27 2011
@above Impossible. You simply can't have a 37k clean range with 150% str and a 150 atk sword.... even if you exclude all the rest you named
Unless it was at lvl 120 when your base str was low.
Nov 27 2011
xTsunamiAJx Level 154 Broa Mechanic 4
Gratz! I'm in your guild by the way... Haven't been playing in a long time though..
Nov 27 2011
Nice bro! Reppin our class like a boss. Keep it legit
Nov 27 2011

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