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Re-entering Maple Bucc

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antjungle Level 210 Windia Buccaneer
Just started to play maple again (with intentions to level up)... haven't really taken this game seriously since Big Bang. Need help with a few things!

Q1: What are the most affordable equips that are decent? So far I have 3/4 equips from the Root Abyss set, everything but fafnir, don't want to update these yet. Nothing potential'd, I didn't really get into the potential system when it rolled out. Basically want to update everything else- I still use my zombie army rings, PAC, mu lung blue belt, 10atk wg, earrings with crappy pot, the shoes from DiPQ, the face + eye accessory you get from the silent crusade questline, MoN, ghost ship badge. So what can I upgrade to that's relatively affordable? lol.

Q2: why was every bucc skill nerffedddd? Like DS..... whyyyyy?! And is there a way to get supertransformation back? I've seen a few people use it last year when I played MS.

Q3: Can anyone share how they distributed their hyper skills?

Q4: Best training places from 165-170? Is it still DiPQ/ ToT questline?

And if anyone has some helpful input, please let me know
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helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
+1 Q1: The best thing to do would probably be to work on getting better accessories. You can easily get to Hard Gollux and start doing him daily to get the Gollux accessories, which are pretty decent and can be considered end game. This should be a fairly easy and cheap process (basically free discounting the cost for pots). The work gloves are trash nowadays. You'd be better off trying to get High Quality Dimension gloves and scrolling those

Q2: Not every bucc skill is nerfed, just changed. D-Strike's usefulness was decreased with the introduction of bucc blast. So, they decided to make it 1 big hit instead of the consecutive little ones. As for the super transform question, that skill you see them using is a mount. You can no longer attack in that form.

Q3: I don't remember exactly how I distributed my hyper skills, but I know that I stayed away from all of the dice ones since roll of the dice isn't that reliable. (I will say to max out everything on your octopunch skill)

Q4: As for this question I'm not so sure since I haven't played a character around that level for a while. I recommend you do DIPQ just so you can get the gloves I mentioned earlier, but since that has been nerfed a bit you'll probably be looking for a bit more. I suggest you try Hall of Honor as long as you're strong enough. If you're not then I suggest toying around with the maple guide a bit to see if any of those places suit your fancy.
Sorry if this wasn't the most clear. Let me know if you have any more questions and I'll try to answer them if I can.
Aug 20 2016
tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
+1 Gollux Accessories and Commerci stuff(Not the armor, but things like Face, for example, as well as Eyes) are good starting points. You can wear different sets of Rings for Gollux; the top two are definitely good choices(Superior/Reinforced, I believe). Likewise, if you can buy a Gollux Belt/Earrings from the market, it's great. If not, just wait until Gollux spits one out for you. Commerci is good for filling in other odd slots; it takes a while to get it, but it's reliable. You'll want to upgrade to Fafnir eventually, and I believe that covers some of your other gear(Gloves/Cape; can never remember what each set is since I've had so many over the years). Belt is Gollux as well.

Super Transformation is just a mount. Your sprite will assist you with certain skills because apparently we're Evans now and can't fight for ourselves. Other skills unfortunately haven't been nerfed, they've just been left in the dust in terms of usefulness for the long-term beyond 'token' casts, such as Dragon Strike. No, it doesn't make me happy either, so I know how you feel.

Hyper Skills vary slightly. I went full Octopunch and Enhance/Grace for Double Down. Even if the Dice based ones are luck-based, you really don't NEED both Octopunch and Buccaneer Blast hypers; you can re-spec if you're training/bossing a lot, and frankly I'd say training is so easy/mind numbing that any Buccaneer Blast hypers are just overkill.

I can't help for training areas, I really don't train anymore(Especially not at that level), and Nexon is relatively inconsistent with what they nerf/break. I'm fairly certain neither DIPQ nor ToT are hot-spots anymore; my guess would be Stronghold(If they haven't broken the two maps people still train in), and then probably Future Perion or Scrapyard later on. Frankly, your options tend to be relatively limited due to the game's design at high levels, so just ask around; chances are it either hasn't changed much and everyone knows, or it has changed and everyone is going to flock to it anyways.
Aug 20 2016

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