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Re equiping my drk

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adhttkui Level 202 Scania Dark Knight
Heyyyyyyyy yall! I just came back after a break of like a year and a half.. to all these new changes etc... atm i have a full emp set and my range self buffed is 620kish.. i got a sw spear wich i need to work on but aside from this fella what else can i add or change in my set? Budget is 2b.. oh and only armor and stuff.. i got gollux set semi scrolled too which i dont think i need to change.
Tyvm in advance!
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mysticalmage Level 214 Bera Dark Knight
I would say get 6% CRA top, bottom, & hat. They should be around 200-300m each. Then get an OK fafnir brionak for now. If you still have money left over see if you can get a Tyrant cape. They're like 400-500m. These are Bera prices btw.
Apr 16 2017
rebootgp Level 191 Galicia Dark Knight
Gear List U want
Hat: Royal Warrior Helmet (CRA)
Pendant: 2 Superior Gollux Pendants
Rings: Supeior Gollux3 and Master Ring SS
Shirt: Eagel Eye (CRA)
Bottom: Trixter (CRA)
Shoes: Tyrant
Cape: Tyrant
Belt: Tyrant
Gloves: Tyrant
Face Acc: Sweetwater Tatto
Eye Acc: Sweetwater Glasses
Shoulder: Tinkers
Apr 19 2017
beefly Level 180 Windia Kanna 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art beefly is intoBeefly
Alternatives to the dude's above me's list because some items are near impossible to get.

Rings: I have no idea you could equip 3 Superior Gollux Rings, but it must be VERY DIFFICULT because I've never seen anyone do it. I also don't know what the good rings are, but I suppose Lightning God Ring is one of them.
Gloves: Tyrant is super duper rare, Dojo gloves 2nd best. Sweetwater also good choice. High Quality Dimension Gloves last option.
Shoulder: Tinkerer jacked up in price now that Marvel is over, try getting Meister if you can't get Tinkerer. Empress is not bad.
Apr 20 2017
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