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Real Unleash Training guide

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ninjablack99 Level 131 Scania Wind Archer 4

Notice MPE is goneThis is only a general guidance for those who's looking for training. Further more I'm adding player's training method for more open options. Once someone who played Unleashed can give some training advice then I will add the Real method.

Will edit this training guide out once someone gives a clear training method


1-30 Do quests
30-40 CDs
Level 40-100 MPE
100-140 Evo World
140-165 Evo World+Dimensional Invade
165-200+ Stronghold+Evo+Dimensional Invade or Level 16x to 173 - Stronghold Leech;Level 173-200 Hall of Honor

maplerescue's method

1-30: Starter quests/Victoria Island quests
30-40: Mushroom Kingdom, Kerning Square
40-50: More Kerning Square, Golden Beach (aka Gold Richie)
50-60: Orbis quests, Chryse
60-70: More Orbis, KFT, Aqua, and Monster Park Extreme
70-80: Sakura Castle (the quests' EXP here is awesome), Omega Sector
80-90: Ariant, Magatia
90-100: Pantheon, Ellin Forest, Mu Lung
100-110: Pantheon/Heliseum, Evolution World, Herb Town
110-120: Evolution World, Golden Temple
120-130: Evolution World, Neo City
130-140: Evolution World, random mobs around Leafre like Cornians
140-160: ToT, Evolution World
160-170: Future Henesys, Evo
170-180: Evolution World, RLH when available
lv190~250: Future Perion


Dimension crack


MPE removed(Comfirmed)
HoH exp nerf( Anyone confirm?)
(Reserved for further editing)
Contributors: @mhuynh @How2Mob @ClassOf12 @maplerescue @TheDStar
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Dunnoenab Level 141 Bera Mercedes 4
Lev 1-10 skip the tutorial
Jun 20 2013
Level 40-100 MPE.
Jun 20 2013
LunarLitez Level 125 Elnido Battle Mage 4
Lev 1-10 skip the tutorial[/quote]
LOL! However, I don't like leveling from lv1.
Jun 20 2013
How2Mob Level 202 Bera Shadower
Level 16x to 173 - Stronghold Leech
Level 173-200 Hall of Honor
Jun 20 2013
GazimoEnthra Level 212 Bera Evan 10th Growth
1-30 Do quests
30-40 CDs
40-100 Monster Park Extreme
100-140 Evo World
140-165 Evo World+Dimensional Invade
165-200+ Stronghold+Evo+Dimensional Invade[/quote]

This this this.
Jun 20 2013
Ecyz Level 210 Reboot Thunder Breaker 4
I agree with what someone above me said.
Nobody should bother making these until we've all had the time to actually explore how good the changed areas are. We need to know exactly where the best training is.
Jun 20 2013
PhanniLynn Level 148 Renegades Phantom 4
None of us has even played Unleashed yet cause it hasn't been UNLEASHED YET
Jun 20 2013
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