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Reasons maple is died

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subsamuel123 Level 210 Bera Buccaneer
Hello my fellow maplers. Today i want too discus the topic that is the "reason maplestory died". What ruined the game that once was loved by more people than it does now? If you think im being nostalgic and think the game is fun and your having the time of your life you can leave now...Okay! So iv'e done a lot of thinking and i think i figured out the solution. This answer might be shocking. The reason maplestory died is... YOU. Thats right you heard me. You guys all ruined Maplestory! Now, before you all think im a nut case hear me out. I have my reasons. Okay so "most ppl" claim maplestory's population started decling after Big Bang. And if you were playing during big bang just like i was, i recall nexon giving us choices on what they should improve. What was the final result? If you still remember it was 8*% (eighty something percent). Out of all the options 'make it easier to level' was the highest. Lets backtrack bit. Back before big bang, it took so much time to blossom our characters into what our society calls "pro". You had to work hard to hit those high levels. There were "pros" which i'd say was about 10% of the popultion and then there were noobs. Noobs made uo most of the population! If you were a noob back then and voted for this, you ruined maplestory. How could you? And for most maplers, working hard and playing for long hours is what gave them the drive to continue playing subconciously. The feeling of satisfaction when you hit the level you wanted. Now that its easier to leave, some people dont get that feeling no more. Also, i know they increased the level cap and now its hard to get to 250 but the gap between big bang and the level cap icrease was too long. People got use to leveling easier and got lazy. This is my theory. Also there are other reasons. Honestly, maplestory was the firt online game i heard about that was free. It was one the big online games that was out. I mean, Runescape? Didnt even bother with that. I could go on but i want to hear what you guys think. Am i wrong? Am i a nut case? Or am i flying poka dot unicorn with six wings and a diq shaped horn named pedro?
P.s im not sober...
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grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
is died, hahahahahha. IS **[i]DIED[/i]**. Gahahahhahaha.

Man I love your English.[/quote]

Because of people like him
Thats why
Oct 28 2014
nickyownzu1 Level 197 Mardia Blade Master
I am died.
RIP in peace me.
Oct 28 2014
headphones Level 135 Mardia Hayato 4
Oct 28 2014
Ningy Level 211 Nova Hero
i quitted so everyone becomed sad so they quiteed to
Oct 28 2014
freezenlight Level 48 Khaini Battle Mage 2
more games = more competition
Oct 28 2014
dizahpheap Level 163 Scania Night Lord
maplestory is not died
Oct 28 2014
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