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Rebecca Black Cant Stop

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rydog77 Level 208 Khaini Bow Master
She's back. Posting videos every Friday (naturally).

[url=]She can't stop![/url]

I think it's funny how she changed the lyrics about big butts strip clubs and snorting lines in the bathroom hahahaha
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why does the internet allow this crap
Jul 19 2013
dadadada Level 172 Windia Evan 10th Growth
not bad..
Jul 19 2013
looklooklook Level 73 Windia Blade Lord
She is making money and obviously getting much better than her first while ... the rest of the internet warriors are complaining behind a computer
Jul 19 2013
so she's doing what she was created to do and shes doing what she loves and is making money doing it.

what are you doing with your life?
Jul 19 2013
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