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Reboot Cannoneer?

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ohiruu Level 74 Reboot White Knight
Hello! I really want to play cannoneer however Im just a little bit hesitant. Everyone says play the class that looks most fun to you and for me that is Cannoneer. All of his skills including 5th job and lines look like a great time.
However I play on reboot and am currently wondering if it would be a bad decision. I in no way expect to be hitting top of the charts DPM top dojo ranked 3 or whatever that is (still a new player),however I dont want to have a difficult time finding parties either because im a noob class. Ill be playing this game casually so probably only using boss dropped gear if that is even good...

I also dont want to have horrible damage either as I would like to at one point solo bosses as a cannoneer on reboot. Is all of this possible? I really wanna make the class but i also dont want to be too weak. I know ill be nothing compared to WH DW NL Arans and all those other strong classes but ill still be strong enough to hold up on my own?
Ill still be better than a Jett right?
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vietua Level 210 Scania Beast Tamer Cat See what games, anime & art vietua is intoVietUA
+1 What @deeemon said. A lot of people don't play it because it's slow-ish and a little clunky, but if that's what you're into, go for it. I main a Kanna even though nearly everything about it is terrible (minus the Haku buff and Kishin, which doesn't compensate for solo play). Damage isn't EVERYTHING, especially when you're in Reboot and don't have the commitment or time to grind/meso farm to enhance your equipment. As long as the class doesn't feel like a chore to play, all the power to you!

EDIT: Test the class out before you really put any permanent funding into it. Play till at least 5th job, since 200 isn't that hard to get. Make a decision once you get a hang of the 5th job skills because for some classes, 5th job adds a new layer of skill synergy/cohesion that you won't see prior.
Jul 13 2017

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