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[Reboot] F/P questions

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idrinks Level 201 Scania I/L Arch Mage
-Whats the best secondary for adventurer mages, the book or look for a shield?
-I know monsters have more HP but do bosses also? (in reboot)
-with the nerf is our bossing obsolete or are f/ps still top? Also what is the new bossing strategy
-what are the 5 DoTs applied during bossing in 4th job, a lot of threads i see argue over poison breath
-What should i invest my hypers in? I haven't played since the upgraded hyperskill buff so I'm pretty confused
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momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
1) since you can't scroll and since you can't trade, the secondary edges out shields (which are dependant on scrolling to edge past secondaries).

2) idk.

3) F/Ps were first according to KMS charts. they are now second to revamped Evans. the rotation is still the same: just use Paralyze in-between Eruptions.

4) as i recall: Poison Breath, Paralyze, Mist, Teleport Mastery

5) all of Eruptions and then +hit and damage for Paralyze (if that's what the two are; i don't remember).
Dec 30 2015
supmanlol Level 201 Bellocan Night Walker 4
@momijii: nah shield still better since you enhance them
Dec 30 2015
kibs Level 175 Reboot Phantom 4
+1 @supmanlol: and if you change to i/l or bishop you'll still have a useable well potentialed secondary.
Dec 31 2015
risingvenom Level 217 Bera Demon Slayer 4 Emcy Guild
DoTs are flame haze, mist, paralyze, teleport mastery, poison breath, viral slime, and megiddo flame
Pick and choose what's easiest for you
Dec 31 2015
ise3 Level 182 Reboot Bishop
It would be dumb not to use poison breath since it's so easy to apply, the other dots, megiddo viral and teleport are much harder dots to apply.

Edit: I think personally my hypers were: all 3 mist eruption hypers, paralyze +1 attack and 20% damage.
Edit2: by hard to apply I mean that megiddo and viral both have long cooldowns and teleport isn't the most reliable skill to land.
Jan 06 2016
@momijii @ise3 hey, can you guys explain to me why the extra ignore def on mist guard breaker is more important than having the extra damage for paralyze? I'm a returning player and I see some guides saying to max all 3 paralyze hypers instead of all 3 of the mist eruption ones.
Jan 11 2016
ise3 Level 182 Reboot Bishop
@lilaznfan: These were my hypers before the nerf. I quit my F/P for reboot. However, basically you're choosing between 20% extra damage to a single DoT skill (240% to 288% in KMS, 180% to 216% in GMS) which keep in mind can't crit or be affected by boss damage, and ignore def% on one of your primary sources of damage. If you don't boss at all, then of course extra DoT damage is better especially against reboot mobs. However, since F/Ps were always known for their bossing, 20% ignore def makes a significant increase in damage against bosses. My bishop (reboot main) increased damage by about 100k/line by rolling a 15% ignore def on my weapon (yeah it's trash, but I'm broke). Basically you're choosing between a little extra DoT damage, or letting mist eruption hit even harder.
Jan 20 2016
For end game try to aim for VIP magician shield / fearless prelude but honestly you won't lose too much range just cubing a good secondary. I would invest the time after I finish off all my other equips, or just do alien PQs daily and test your luck.
Jan 21 2016
justsofly Level 210 Scania Evan 10th Growth
Shield. Secondaries are kind of restricting if you think about it. They're class specified where as shields can be used for most mages.

Stats POV, well they can be scrolled and enhanced where as secondaries cannot so...
Jan 21 2016

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