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Reboot Some Questions about Aran

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grap3rr Level 193 Windia Hero
Hello Friends, I recently made an Aran in Reboot and I am 170. I just have a few questions regarding
the class, that I hope some you can clear up.
1) How does Swing Studies work, mainly the "after image" part? I have never seen an after image.

2) What skills do you use when bossing?

3) What skills do you use when training?

4) Any amazing tips/secrets about Aran?

Posted: January 2017 Permalink


mrpirate Level 199 Windia Buccaneer
1) After you use Smash Swing your next attack will have two purplish lines with the attack. Try noticing it when you use FB+BB with and without using Smash Swing

2) I use Smash Swing for the dmg boost and when I need quick movement to dodge attacks, then FB+BB until the dmg boost wears off.(I'm pretty sure more experienced Arans can help your further).

3) Final Toss for platforming and FB+BB for everything else

4) More experienced Arans can help you with this section since I do not know myself.

Pretty much everything revolves around FB+BB
Jan 16 2017
ensoe Level 220 Windia Aran 4
Q1 and Q2 ditto ^.

Q3) Forget Gathering Hook exists. Final Toss has the most utility to cover the most distance by double jumping and going up platforms. Judgement Draw can be used for utility purposes, such as being able to land on a higher platform when used after Final Toss.


- when trying to go for fastest Dojo times, experiment to find the right amount of combos you want to naturally trigger it on a floor you need. Example 20 (Hilla) or 30 (Ark). This is so you can do natural adrenaline + hyper adrenaline to kill off the boss faster, especially annoying ones that have DR and disable debuffs.

- Judgment Draw has like a split second of invulnerability and you can use it to go through Lotus lasers in phase 1.

- even though BB crits 100%, it's still nice to have 100% crit for FB and FA. I'm not sure if the afterimage thing crits as well.

- use instant Finsher: Hunter's Prey for burst damage or charge it up to dodge something fatal.

- you can use Final Toss to dodge Pierre's falling hats. Like when you see the hat falling right beneath you, use final toss preferably twice and you will just go right through it.
Jan 17 2017
rokani Level 216 Bera Aran 4
@ensoe: After Image can proc Crits.

Q4): CS + jump then SS will let you go pretty far while killing everything in sight, don't use the arrow keys. And you can get really fancy and do a CS + Jump + SS + FT + RS + JD... kills everything in an upside down ︶ Shape... And now I wanna play... But I don't have time... And it probably still lags a lot... /rant.

- Learn to use JD and FT well they can help you dodge a lot.

- SS afterimage and extra damage will work after doing 1 swing, so 1 swing then FBBBx2 is better than 3 SS then BB +FBBB.
Jan 19 2017

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