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Reboot What to spend galaxy stars on?

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sara87 Level 80 Reboot Demon Avenger 3
Hi everyone,

Returning player here, didn't play MS for like 10 years or so. Came back to play on Reboot and now I'm left clueless.

What is worth spending galaxy stars on, on the Reboot server? I feel like I have no grasp of what items are worth something (not in money but in gameplay value since it's Reboot) and what items are worthless (other than power elixirs and such, lol).

I only have around 550 galaxy stars since I came into the event so late. Only level 80 so far and don't know much about using cubes or if they're worth it or what. I obviously have no high level equips to use the cubes on and from what I understand the cubes expire in like 10 days? So maybe spend on a character expansion coupon? Or?

I come from the "old" days of Maple with the 10/60% scrolls, when max level was 200 and 5th job didn't exist so yeah, just clueless and kinda overwhelmed.

Any advice would be much appreciated!
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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
Soooo, you are not familiar with cubes, potential and the current questlines to follow that make you level the fastest.
Good that you started in Reboot. You can make a decent buck there fast. And there is no "bonus potential" which makes it somewhat easier to play.
In ghame you get advises where to train at your current level. Follow that first.

Good luck !
May 14 2018
sara87 Level 80 Reboot Demon Avenger 3
@gekkegerrit: No, I'm not really familiar with cubes and potential.
The questlines are simple and straightforward.
Where to train doesn't help me now since the event ends TODAY. I don't care about leveling up the fastest, I want to know what's worth getting with the Galaxy Stars from the quest.

@deeemon: Thank you for the advice, it's much appreciated. If Mastery books are necessary then that seems like a good investment. I don't mind farming for mesos (at all, I love the grind of MapleStory) but saving 25 mil seems like a pretty good deal. Although I find mesos pretty easy to get on Reboot/in MapleStory nowadays, but with 25 mil per character of course it adds up.

Anything else worth getting with Galaxy Stars before the event ends tonight?
May 15 2018
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
@sara87: did you get the ToT Medal ? Its a very good one for your level.
And where did you spend them on ?
May 15 2018

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