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Reboot or Regular?

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recproject Level 92 Reboot Kanna 3
Humm,i dont know if i should play Reboot or regular server ;c

I dont like the "Reboot no trade", and i love to trade stuffs, and if i wanna start a new char i can't transfer gear :c But I love the fact that i can creat "as many" chars I whant (I now that it have a limit ), and i also love the fact that the TP stone cost Mesos and not NX (and cubes as well).

I like the regular server because, e can trade and transfer gear, but i hate the fact that i can only creat 3 chars per ACC so i can have my main,1 link and choose the 3th char to be a link or a "2nd main" ;(

Dunno help me guys ;c about pros and cons ;c
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pachomar Level 250 Bera Evan 10th Growth
+1 Uhm, you can create 8 chars on regular world, not 3
And Reboot is harder cuz of no trade system (you have to hunt your own Gollux stuff, CRA set and such)
Dec 01 2016
noreceipt Level 250 Scania Legend Satire Guild
+1 The market is gradually failing, they are adding Auction House though which might induce more players to merchandise so only time will tell now.

The main idea of Reboot is to avoid spending and treat MapleStory like a Story Mode which is why monsters do have more armor. Maps are often taken by others since all they do is train, and many towns/Free Market are not as popular for social boundaries like in non-Reboot. If you enjoy upgrading gear though a series of activities, doing quests for the journey, and not worrying about low-life scammers then Reboot will be great.

However, non-Reboot gives you a more social option aside from range goals and quests are often ignored because grinding is usually quicker. You may often find your self broke but the opportunity to purchase better gear rather than craft it will speed up your game-play. The ability to trade will make leveling multiple characters easier, consider if you might even use multiple accounts. If you like to talk to people, haggle others in transactions, and putting up with the abundance of nubs and infamous nobodies then non-Reboot will be great.
Dec 01 2016
djluis48 Level 51 Scania I/L Wizard
Im on the same a returning player and will be making a new main once the game comes back up again, but im not sure if i should go Reboot or not. I wont be spending on the game much, if at all, so it makes reboot a little appealing, but at the same time, i want to level up fast, and i have heard that regular servers are slightly faster. Not really sure what to do

Any suggestions of which server i should go to if i decide to go to a regular server?
Dec 01 2016
recproject Level 92 Reboot Kanna 3
@pachomar : humm Thx, in EMS back at "my time" it only permit me to creat 3 chars x))
@noreceipt: and in the Non-Reboot which server have more people? to play with? and ist Bowmaster or a Wild Hunter is any of those good class to start off with or will be hard to farm with one?
@djluis48: I guess im going for a non-reboot world ;c Scania maybe .-.
Dec 01 2016
xaiosun Level 206 Kradia Dark Knight
Personally I would say try both and see what you like more. Reboot is not for everyone. If you have sufficient funds irl and are willing to put money into the game, it's probably better for you to play normal servers. If you want to earn your power through grinding than play reboot. Personally, I reached about 1.5m range in normal server and am at about 1 on reboot, but I'm choosing to stay on reboot. My main driving force is that I refuse to cube on normal servers, I think it's easier to get cubes from reboot than it is in normal. Because of this, in my opinion, it will be easier for me to break 2m range. On normal servers I feel stuck with no way to advance without spending money
Dec 01 2016
oceanpunch Level 212 Kradia Thunder Breaker 4
@xaiosun: but can you go above 50 mils in reboot with no bonus pots and scrolls now that they removed dmg cap just asking
Dec 01 2016
mrsquish Level 205 Reboot Blaze Wizard 4
i would say reboot since its way more populated than all the other worlds.
Dec 01 2016
pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
Rebot is fun but doesnt satisfy my gambling problems like regular server
Dec 01 2016
xaiosun Level 206 Kradia Dark Knight
@oceanpunch I wasn't hitting 50m lines before the update. If I were than yea I could lol. There are plenty of people in reboot who were hitting consistent 50m lines before the patch.
Dec 02 2016
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