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Recent duping

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Hydroxide Level 210 Windia Shade 4
Apparently items were being duped not too long ago? Would anyone please tell me which items were being duped so I don't buy them and get them deleted? x_x Much appreciated
Posted: January 2014 Permalink


i think there safe now.
Jan 05 2014
Pwnmasterice Level 202 Nova Cannoneer 4
(No boom AEE, nebs and other stuff) All the items have been deleted and the dupers banned...but follow the rule of if it looks to good to be true then don't buy
Jan 05 2014
13e4n3r Level 201 Scania Luminous 4 See what games, anime & art 13e4n3r is into13e4n3r
any item could've been duped. There is no way to be sure. Some of the most popular items were specs,unique pot scrolls,aee no booms, and nebs
Jan 05 2014
krzyvboi05 Level 174 Scania Shadower
The items that were duped are No Boom AEE's, All Stat 4% Nebs, 20% Boss Damage Nebs, 25% Boss Damage Nebs, Superior Gollux Rings, and Unique Potential 60% Scrolls.
Jan 05 2014
Quadroxide Level 201 Bera Phantom 4
its all over now, nexon gives 0 es ach eye Te about the economy now
Jan 05 2014

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