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Recommend me a fun job

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LongCrayon Level 108 Windia Ranger
COMING FROM A LONG BREAK ; Many skills had came out, which one is fun? :]]
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Toxicvvaste Level 177 Scania Blade Master
Omg be a Mercedes so we can be twins! Yayyy!
Dec 01 2012
FunkyFlame Level 220 Broa I/L Arch Mage Emcy Guild
Our opinions won't help , WHY?

Let us assume that there are 20 jobs in maplestory , so each job will have 1/20 chance to fit his needs , How are we supposed to know his preferences?[/quote]

Your opinions will help but that quiz won't. Some questions are like "Would you rather *something* or rather *something else* and the answers you get to choose from are yes or no o_o

Also, I think it's important that he learns for himself, everyone likes different classes, sure. Although he should mention what type of class he'd like to play. (Mobility, damage, up close, ranged attacks etc etc.)
Dec 01 2012
Cyanight Level 54 Windia Assassin
You can only make like a cygnus, sumth else, or an adventurer right now.
Dec 01 2012
Zelly Level 149 Broa Night Lord
I recently came back as well, and even if I absolutely hate the game in its current state, I must say OMFG do I love my new marksman I should've made one MUCH earlier
Dec 01 2012
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