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Gonna make this clear about Mgs5


[B][I]Buy it.[/B][/I] I'm comfortable in telling you that...if you in any way enjoy games in any sense whatsoever - MGS5 is worth your money and your hundreds upon hundreds of hours. I'm really not sure how...if you like video games in any sense whatso

Just got Gears of War


The new Xbox One remake version. I used to love the original series so much. Great mixture of shooter/horror genre... The first one was by far my favourite...its dark/desperate tone still hasn't been done nearly so well in any other game since, not even

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RogueTheDS Level 218 Scania Phantom 4 Reconcile Guild
Hi guild and shahar. It's too bad I can't expel you =([/quote]

nice to see you too ash..f3
Mar 19 2015
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