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Red Epic Pot Scrolls destory Eq

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FunkyFlame Level 220 Broa I/L Arch Mage Emcy Guild
Title, just wanted to let you guys know! (doesn't say on the scrolls description) -.-
Posted: December 2013 Permalink


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SlyOne Level 210 Khaini Marksman
Well shmank you for the warning gentleman!
Dec 05 2013
ImTwelve Level 146 Scania Xenon 4
HAaha fail
Dec 05 2013
Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
Lol sad, thanks for the heads up!
Dec 05 2013
Masterobert Level 200 Broa Phantom 4 Nimbus Guild
Wow, I was actually planning on using it on an item. Thanks for the warning!
Has anyone used one and lost a valuable item? Hopefully Nexon updates it and adds the destroy notice.
Dec 05 2013
taesian Level 213 Bera Zero Transcendent
Omg... I almost boomed my perfected heart?
Dec 05 2013
RadiantSnipe Level 210 Zenith Aran 4
i failed one and it didnt blow up the item
Dec 05 2013
balder944 Level 201 Khaini Aran 4
oh wow.. I used 3 of them and luckily my wep didn't explode.
Dec 05 2013
or maybe this guy is lying, i failed some and no kabooom here.
Dec 05 2013
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