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Reelin' in the horsies Screen

By alltwo147

alltwo147 Level 173 Windia Phantom 4
Apr 20 2012 Another PvP lag screenshot.

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alltwo147 Level 173 Windia Phantom 4
Crazy looking lag!
Who won the match? Going to guess it was blue cause of Bluezzy and Old MacDonald. xP[/quote]

I think it was Blue. It musta been Blue team, since they had Shinde.
Apr 23 2012
alltwo147 Level 173 Windia Phantom 4
Lol why am I always in your SS ?[/quote]

Because everyone loves you, Olue.
May 06 2012
Oh... how I miss the PvP days. People, especially Battle Mages on Body Boost, used to rage at my Cannoneer because of Reflect. Battle Mage and Cannoneer were my best classes.

I used to fight against you, too.
Apr 28 2013

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