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Naruttto Level 181 Scania Dark Knight
Is it too late to obtain the sun chair?
Posted: May 2014 Permalink


Ishka Level 211 Arcania Xenon 4 Solus Guild
no, you have a couple more weeks
May 23 2014
Naruttto Level 181 Scania Dark Knight
ty, for the quick response
May 23 2014
powerguy121 Level 210 Scania Kanna 1 See what games, anime & art powerguy121 is intopowerguy121
You'll need the chair that comes from attendance, so you better start now if you hadn't already. Also, further down attendance you get the black 9th anni pendant which costs 500 coins in the shop, so you should try aiming for that. It saves a lot of money.
May 23 2014

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