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Republican or Democratic?

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VictorXG Level 200 Bera Phantom 4
I personally chose Republican, but why?
Even though imo Mit Romney is not that good as Obama...
-I am Canadian, so meh.
-Abraham Lincoln BEST PRESIDENT EVA is Republican
- Republican sounds better than Democratic to me
-Elephant is kooler than donkeys guys... XD
-(For Medals) Red is cooler to me because I have empress, and one colour to rule tem all

How bout u guys?
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CookieGoPerPew Level 127 Bera Phantom 3
If those are the reasons for your choice...I'm worried for the future generations. :C
Oct 28 2012
Greenf00t Level 164 Mardia Jett 4
Democratics support same-sex marriage. Reason why i support them, even though i agree with a bunch of their other political stand points
Oct 28 2012
pistolkiss Level 155 Nova Night Lord
Donkeys > Elephants.
Red Color > Blue Color
Obama > Romney
All the Democratic Presidents > All the Republican Presidents (Despite Lincoln is #1)
Thus, Democrat is better[/quote]

This logic is seriously flawed.

OT, I didn't participate yet... No interest in politics this year, both candidates suck equally.
Oct 28 2012
benaldric Level 160 Windia Evan 9th Growth
I'm canadian so I chose the elephant because I love elephants
Oct 28 2012
I'm just glad most of you (including me) aren't voting
Oct 28 2012
xLoveKillz Level 190 Windia Jett 4
The red ones cause its red and an elephant and my gf likes blue so she got the blue one
Oct 29 2012
I have more than one character, so I chose both.
Oct 29 2012
Skeletor, because what's been then evil, then the total evil. : D
Oct 29 2012
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