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Resistance ring -- it exists! Screen

By 030999

030999 Level 162 Scania Bishop
Dec 25 2010 Just for those of you who haven't read the threads.

Apparently the resistance ring quest is glitched, but I received it today (Dec. 24) after reaching 70 on a Wild Hunter.
I did not do any Resistance or Edelstein quests beyond about level 18.
Scania. Created character (ProIetarius) on second day.

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you are lucky!
i want to get mine!
so wait all you did was just log in and you got the quest? :S
Dec 25 2010
EhmEee Level 193 Bera Luminous 4
Why can't I get the quest? And apparently no one else beside you? Wtf is with this quest man..
Dec 25 2010
Howwwwww. D:

Do you have to be in Edelstein to get it? Because I want it ASAP, but I don't want to wait in Edelstein forever...
Dec 25 2010
Maaan, I didn't get anything.
Dec 25 2010
Is it usable to non resintance classes?[/quote]

The ring doesn't seem to have any restrictions on jobs in the picture..but seeing as resistance are wh(which is like archer)/btlm(like mage)/and soon mechanic(like pirate) who can try it and find out?
Dec 25 2010
jimmyjxia Level 123 Windia Hero
Hmm you created your resistance character on the second day. That might play a factor in whether or not you get the ring.
Dec 26 2010

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