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Restarting in reboot c

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sammitang Level 146 Reboot Shadower
Hey guys! So I just started playing Maplestory again a couple of weeks ago in the reboot server. I haven't played for a few years and everything is completely new to me. :c I'm just looking for some new friends in game who could possibly give me some tips and hang out with! My IGN is Sammiibby!
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goomu Level 225 Reboot Kanna 4 Tipsy Guild
You can add me as well. iSeeStarz. Also if you'd like to join a guild you check mine out... its called Tipsy.
Jun 09 2016
zelpherpolis Level 162 Reboot Bow Master
I'm new too c: I'll add you to hang or talk! Ign is Tsurime.
Jun 09 2016
Nymphine Level 212 Reboot Bishop
Feel free to add me too, IGN is Nymphine. :-3 Welcome to Reboot!
Jun 21 2016
enlock Level 145 Reboot Evan 10th Growth
edit: not actually leaving reboot had some friends talk me into staying lmao! Any one can add me im happy to help in game! ign: Moandays
Jun 21 2016
xlabyrinth Level 204 Khaini Demon Slayer 4
I, too, am new to the Reboot server! And like you I haven't played in a few years minus a few times here and there. Anyone is free to add me! NauseousCalf is my ign.
Jun 21 2016
cautiouskine Level 206 Reboot Paladin
I'm happy to help anyone out in-game, feel free to add me as well Parailels
Jun 21 2016
mrsquish Level 205 Reboot Blaze Wizard 4
Add me :] BigButtRyan. i just started again!
Jun 21 2016
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