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Returning After 4 Years

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SirJayGatsby Level 184 Khaini Corsair
Hello there everyone,

I have been away from MapleStory for 4 years now and I recently saw (via Google Ad) that they were having an Ultra World Leap where I could move 12 characters over the course of the event to another world. I have all of my characters in Khaini. I have been in Khaini since 2006 when I made my first MapleStory friend (MidKnightHun) and the two of us both got to Lv100 together in 2007. She stopped playing in '08 but I continued until about 2010/2011. Now I'm sure all of my MapleStory friends have either also quit (I'm in Law School now!) or have gone so far in the game that they've forgotten about me. Do you guys still find the game enjoyable? Is there any reason to play it anymore? Before, it was a very social game and I was MUCH younger and lacked the friends (and cash) to have the nice social life that I have now so I might just become bored from the start.

Bottom line: Should I come back? Also, I'm very fortunate to have a job that pays very well so MapleStory points would rain down so funding isn't a problem.
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ChrisJohnson Level 216 Windia Paladin
To be honest, I only log on to boss daily and chat with the few friends that I have. Other than that, it's hard to find anything else to do. Worlds aren't as populated as they used to be, so finding a lot of people isn't easy. It's your decision really. All it really takes is a few people that you grow close with to enjoy this game!
Jun 25 2015
Senpaishotgg Level 37 Mardia F/P Wizard
pay2win trash don't listen to anyone who says otherwise
Jun 25 2015
SirJayGatsby Level 184 Khaini Corsair
Thanks for all the great comments! I think I'm going to stay retired (at least until MapleStory 2 NA release). I realized that the thing I loved about the game was the friends that I made during my socially awkward phase in Middle/High School. Now I don't need the space to make friends anymore.
Jul 07 2015

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