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Returning Kaiser thrown off by new quotdragon linkquot

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So apparently, sometime in the last year/2 nexon changed how the kaiser command gauge/morph box skill combos worked ._. I used to just hold down the right arrow + up arrow and attack to use gigas wave since i set it like that but now it's different and there's this new dragon link skill in beginner's slot and I cannot for the life of me use any of my special attacks to fill the gauge up with the combination method. Any kaisers wanna help me? I tried putting the dragon skill into a hot key but all I can do is just use the regular kaiser slash. Also not sure if my kaiser's bugged... but when I used final transformation, the kaiser skin color I worked pretty hard on is gone and I don't think it's even the default one as it's super yellow and orangy and also the kaiser's jumping instead of teleporting around >.> thanks!
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