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yoguy911 Level 195 Broa Blade Master
I came back recently from a few years and I want to know if my stuff is outdated or not.
Most of my other stuff is incomplete from what I remember.
My range is ~600k without FC and I am wondering if it's low compared to today's standard.
Posted: August 2017 Permalink


readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
Absolab equips do exist, most tend to go for the shoulders and even the weapons (although the Absolab katara is probably worse than the SW katara because lack of boss damage % - do the research to find more). Arcane equips (level 200) are now obtainable legitimately, and so those will be the next end-game set - although they're not quite a common thing yet. Fafnir sets are still very much a thing and during the interim should be something to focus on if you don't have those already. Click here for a list of the best end-game equips for your situation.

The 2m damage cap has already been removed, so that will determine whether you feel your 600k range isn't enough (for some of those end end game bosses it definitely isn't).
Aug 13 2017

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