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gxraider Level 150 Bera Hero
Hello to all of you:

I wanted to start a small thread since I had a few questions concerning the current game, I imagine there have been training spots changed and class changes, new classes I have never heard of. I only have been playing warriors mostly, so Hero, Dark Knight, Paladin being my highest level character I believe at 184 not that leveling has bee anything to brag about since the Henesys training ground days way back when, level 30 to 70 took about a week in Nett's Pyramid solo PQ. Just too give you a sense of the era I was playing in, I think the RED event had been in effect, and mostly hot selling items were only items that had like, pants with haste skill and sharp eyes on it. I think the sweet water set had been revealed, that is the latest I played the game.

On to my questions:
So what changes have taken place since then?

Any interesting places I should visit in game that are worth checking out? I'm speaking for level 190- to 200 or beyond, places that the background is nice enough to take an awesome screenshot with your character?

Any advice for in equipment/ weapons for warrior that are non funded friendly going onto level 200? on, mostly for my Paladin, since I can share my Paladin equipment with my hero

Any new updates to warriors in the patches, I personally have problems finding the current changes to paladin and warriors, I was searching for it, can someone please supply me a link to it if its not too much trouble?

What is a good active server? I know a lot of time has passed and things changed what are the current servers that most people are playing in?
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audio Level 21 Yellonde Blade Recruit See what games, anime & art audio is intoaudio
i don't mean this in a rude way, but what you're doing here is relying on other people to gather a very broad and substantial range of information for you when you could easily find the answers to all these questions and more by yourself. i'm more than happy to point you towards some useful resources, but expecting other people to do this amount of busywork for you is a bit much

the maplestory reddit ( has a decent search function which you can use to trawl through several years' worth of threads from returning players asking exactly the same questions as you. for more specific and detailed guides, dexless ( has a pretty extensive compendium of well-formatted information which should mostly still be up-to-date as of the current patch, and for class- and skill-related information ayumilove is by far the most comprehensive resource ( if after this you have any further questions which you're still struggling to find answers for, i'll do my best to help
Mar 31 2019

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