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Returning back to Maplestory

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dusk278 Level 200 Khaini Evan 10th Growth
I have returned to Maplestory since Im currently running out of decent games to play and my current MMO FFXIV I can no longer play as much as I used to due to work and life, so I decided to give this game a run for the upcoming Nova update. My question is which server is best suited for me or if the Rebooted server is best going to.
Posted: December 2017 Permalink


fangblade436 Level 85 Bera Hermit
+1 Welcome back.

Don't forget to create a character in Bera and make my MapleStory experience a sheer living hell by ksing me, calling me the N-word everywhere I go and getting thousands to defame me, every last moment I'm logged on.
Dec 05 2017
dusk278 Level 200 Khaini Evan 10th Growth
@fangblade436: Oh so basically what I've been doing before I quit then.
Dec 05 2017
aarbearr Level 166 Renegades Hayato 4
@fangblade436: Sounds like some pre-big bang fun.
@dusk278: It's been that long, huh? I was asking about Reboot and from what I was told, it's not worth it right now. I play Renegades, my computer wasn't great when I started there so it's good because there aren't many people on usually, lagless most of the time. I've heard Scania is good if you're looking for a little more of a crowded environment, but it's definitely not like Scania used to be.
Dec 05 2017
cantstopme Level 197 Windia Night Lord
but y come back
Dec 08 2017
smartguy1801 Level 202 Scania Zero Transcendent Exalted Guild
At its current state, Maplestory is a bit dry in terms of social life and most things are very solo oriented. I play in Bera and Reboot to freshen things up a bit. If you wanna hang or just need someone to grind with hit me up at either.

Reboot ign: Rinfury22 (or RinMugen)-I play with a very active guild in reboot as well so +1 lol

Bera ign: RinTatsumaki
Dec 08 2017
genostigma Level 200 Broa Citizen See what games, anime & art genostigma is intoGenostigma
@dusk278: You've played FFXIV but have you played FFXV that is the question...Bera is where it's at! It's the new Mecca of all servers.
Dec 08 2017

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