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Returning player. Played just past big bang

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rafmo650 Level 145 Scania Blade Master
Hey I hate to bother you all, but I can't even begin to imagine where to start. I looked for an hour now and it's all so confusing. I got my dual blade to 120 pre big bang and I got it to lvl 145-150. I dont remember exactly the lvl. So it goes without saying that I also forgot the info to that account since it was saved in my old laptop and I never had to log in. I need help. Tons of it. I spent countless long nights grinding hard, bossing, and just sincerely enjoying the game. I loved it all and I want to get back to playing, but I feel so lost. I know there must be info on this website, but I just spent about an hour trying to find it. I just ALL NEW THINGS!! can I please get the links that'll point me in the right direction. I will be going to sleep after I post this, but I will definitely check it in the AM. All and any help is appreciated. Thanks guys. Much love-raf
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ba5ilbully Level 100 Demon Avenger 4
+1 I feel sorry for anyone who joined the game after Big Bang.
Jun 01 2019

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