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KMST ver. 1.2.053 New 5th Job Skills


##KMS 1.2.280 ###All Jobs [**Erda Shower**]: Shoot out condensed Erda to attack enemies. (master level: 25) - Level 1: Consumes 3000 HP. Deals 465% damage 6 ti

Bowmaster039s Inhuman Speed is bugged, please report it

Bow Master

Fixed as of the scheduled game update on 7/19. ----- I've posted a bug report here: Basically, Inhuman Speed (ugh, that name...) will not activate after two

KMST v1.2.049 - Anniversary Balancing

Bow Master

KMS: KMST: (No differences from KMST -> KMS) ####V: Bowman **Guided Arrow**: dam

Arrow Rain can be assigned to auto pet buff

Bow Master

Yeah, as the title says, you can assign Arrow Rain (Storm of Arrows) to your pet's auto buff thing. Even though it's 5th job and has a cooldown. Interesting. Screenshot: Additionally: I recently found out that Me

KMST ver. 1.2.047 - More Balancing

Bow Master

###KMS 1.2.274 ####5th Job (changes from KMST -> KMS) **Afterimage Shot**: damage has been increased from 750% to 800% Final skill description: **Aft

Attention all Bowmasters

Bow Master

If you've been playing on your Bowmaster since the v177 Secret Stories patch, you have probably encountered the very, very, verrrrryyyy annoying Arrow Blaster bug. You know, the one where installing Arrow Blaster doesn't work sometimes? And it

Bowmaster new 5th job skill Afterimage Shot

Bow Master

##Final Week (1/4): KMS ver. 1.2.270 ####All Jobs The V Matrix now unlocks a new slot every **5 levels** instead of every 6 levels. The maximum number of slots has been incr

Char Cards/BaM 5th Job Changes

Battle Mage

I haven't seen any BaM threads about what we're getting in the upcoming fifth job :O So I figured I'd just make one so we at least have a place to talk about it :< Are you guys excited about the return of union aura as much as I am? :D W

Jett feedback, ideas and future revamp


Edit: I am officially the Jett Councillor for MLC! I would like to hear everyone opinions and how you do see Jett in the future. Feel free to add comments here,ask any question, propose new ideas and share your knowledge about this class. Don't forget to

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