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Reverse black beauty - ATK 159, ATK +12, Screen

By Firestone160

Firestone160 Level 200 Bera Marksman
Aug 29 2010 My unlvled 159atk 9%atk +12atk potential unlvled Reverse Black Beauty ! Costed about 35 cubes, but they were free as I bought them from the nx from selling my 154atk 4% crit potential reverse xbow which only was +8 due to stupidity.

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azel088 Level 143 Bera Demon Slayer 4
thats pretty sweet ;o but keep cubing for % boss damage.
Aug 30 2010
sarangbi Level 148 Bellocan Night Walker 2
9% attack is awesome
Aug 30 2010
Firestone160 Level 200 Bera Marksman
Me too ! I totally like it already though . Scrolled myself, cubed myself! The next time i'll get nx i'll cube it further, but with the current ammount of nx I had, this was a good point to stop at . So happy it's 3 lines! Wonder what lvling will bring !
Aug 30 2010
Gosh dan you're such a showoff. F3.
OT: Nice Black sexy!
Sep 02 2010
Enhance it.. Wait don't (one enhance=people claim you hack)
Sep 02 2010

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