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Reverse executioners - ATK 152 Screen

By sakiish

Jul 28 2011 Sad thing is that the owned EE'd them before hammering, owell..
Got this for 750m which is a meh price i guess, needs some steep cubing to get godly tho 8)

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drager260 Level 180 Scania Zero Transcendent
What's sad about that?
If he blows up his item he wouldn't have wasted the hammer[/quote]

It would have been 2 w.att more if he hammered and scrolled before enhances.
Jul 28 2011
@drager260: Oh, are AEE's based on the att of the weapon? I thought it just added 5 att.
@driller12296: ems doesn't have shielding wards yet
Jul 28 2011
meh, its nothing now cuz of gm scrolls.
Jul 28 2011

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