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Revolution Lapis & Lazuli Type7 -27% Screen

By tcloudn1te

tcloudn1te Level 200 Reboot Mihile 4
Dec 24 2013 While messing around with the potential changer for Zero's weapon(s), I made this . Should I keep or gamble for even better stats (IF EVEN POSSIBLE @_@)

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CathySenpai Level 203 Khaini Buccaneer
27% total dmg is really good ._.
Dec 27 2013
ShadeAce Level 200 Scania Shade 4
unbeatable T.T unless you can get 90% boss dmg (IE would actually be 180% boss dmg because of the Lapis lazuli potential carry over)
So in all seriousness thats actually 52% total dmg... just saying...
Jan 03 2014
bigreed464 Level 189 Khaini Blade Master
how do u even get that...? do u random hardcore or what?
id wanna get soemthin like that for my zero...
Jul 31 2014

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