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ezperanza11 Level 207 Windia Marksman Teased Guild
Hello Everyone!

We are currently accepting members into Teased in Windia! Please visit to apply! Before you apply, please take the time to look through our website to find out more about us!
You must be level 100+, active, legit, and kind! When you fill our our short form on the website. PLEASE BE SURE YOU REQUEST TO JOIN TEASED IN GAME SO WE CAN ACCEPT YOUR REQUEST so you can join right away!

We are allied with Prelude, Volatile, Tingle, and Fables. At the last Friday of every month, we have Alliance Day events which includes mini games as well as prizes! Again, you can view more about it on the website! You can have a chance to meet the members of your guild, alliance, all while being able to have a chance at winning some cool prizes!

Please consider joining Teased! Thank you very much!
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liftconcept Level 230 Bera Zero Transcendent
I don't play in windia[/quote]

Sep 25 2015
lecarde Level 161 Windia Beginner Herbs Guild
How active are you guys? I love my the people in my guild, but it can be pretty dead at times
Sep 25 2015
sky3s Level 12 Bera
Are scammers and hackers allowed?
Sep 25 2015
onrine Level 84 Windia Phantom 3
I'm leaving PreIude just to join you guys.
Sep 25 2015
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