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Rip Tower of Oz?

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misterpang Level 210 Scania Phantom 4
As some of you may know, simple mini map mode is crucial for oz.
Okay I lied, Oz is still doable without mini map mode, but it'll just be more annoying and hectic, especially floor 48F. Was it intended in this patch that they remove the simple mini map mode? Or perhaps I missed it, because they changed the system option UI.
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nitsua2789 Level 250 Broa Evan 10th Growth Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art nitsua2789 is intonitsua2789
@misterpang: Mini map mode doesn't save much time, just makes it less likely to lose your run on 48. Wound in Bera did a full solo run without any Kishin or Frenzy last patch and had 30 mins going into Dorothy, so it's definitely do-able without, you just have to be really ideal for most of the tower (and have really op mobbing).
Oct 20 2016
lemasnatorme Level 210 Bera Bow Master
Yeah I'm pretty bummed about this - even though I barely run Oz anymore, the Normal minimap is honestly so ugly.
I think people are whining too much about how it affects Oz though. The content was literally designed to be played without that, and we're pretty lucky to even have had it for Oz in the first place.
But I really hope they bring back Simple Mode map, as they're pretty much cutting out a large portion of their playerbase's preference by doing this.

Also I didn't SS the whole chat, but I got confirmation from a GM that it was intended.
Oct 20 2016
dzakien Level 121 Bera Blaze Wizard 4 See what games, anime & art dzakien is intoDZakien
Meh I'll complain as I see fit since we were ghost nerfed but eventually will have to get over it and clear Oz the 'natural' way.
Bummed out about reaching 50F twice with 26min+ each time yet still failing, this just makes me have to do hours worth of work to practice a single floor [48F] instead of getting to practice the fight with Dorothy.
Oct 20 2016
friedonions Level 132 Bera Phantom 4
@lemasnatorme: I can agree GMS was pretty lucky being able to use mini-map, but now without it this surely will demoralize players who've been trying to clear the tower to get it over with.
Whining too much or not, it's really unfair in my opinion to those who never managed to get past 48f.
Oct 20 2016
xmaplelegend Level 31 Windia Kaiser 2 See what games, anime & art xmaplelegend is intoxmaplelegend
this is what happens when GMS just copies KMS code without changing the differences GMS has. I'm sure it was a bug because if it was intentional, they should of stated it out.

Plus if they are concern about people cheating Floor 48, just remove the mini map for that floor just like what they did for floor 22.
Oct 20 2016
misterpang Level 210 Scania Phantom 4
Yeah, 48F is going to be tough without the mini map..
Oct 20 2016
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