Sad Mask
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Royal White Monk Screen

By satellite

satellite Level 146 Yellonde Bow Master
Dec 31 2014 My submission to Design-a-Monster contest. Made in MSPaint and GIMP2.

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PokeGuyX Level 151 Reboot Luminous 4
am I the only one who CANT directly look at those? It like turns my head away its almost creepy o-o
Jan 02 2015
BioZero Level 157 Scania Phantom 4
Looks a little over-designed.[/quote]

I just think it needs more of an overarching theme. It doesn't look bad, but I don't quite understand some of the features.
Jan 02 2015
ModsAreDumb Level 84 Khaini Dragon Knight See what games, anime & art ModsAreDumb is intoModsAreDumb
Does not look like Temple of Time material
Jan 02 2015

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