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Ryude Sword - ATK 339, Boss 85% Screen

By simfel

simfel Level 224 Scania Kaiser 4 Studio Guild
Aug 15 2015 Why you gotta be so ryude. Yolo 15stars or bust

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duriel123 Level 217 Bera F/P Arch Mage
I am legitimately impressed that you actually went for 15 stars.
Aug 16 2015
wynn Level 250 Bera Bow Master
those stats are awesome and everything but... how did you get the tooltip to show the full stats? everytime i scrolled over mine the top half would always be missing[/quote]

you can see the top part if you hover over the sword in your inventory
Aug 16 2015
zerosuited Level 210 Nova Zero Transcendent
+1 What 7% max mp? Recube.
Aug 16 2015

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