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S/T Breath of Divinity in bera

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lunamoon145 Level 109 Bera Kanna 1
i just got a Breath of Divinity and i was wondering if i should trade it for battleroid, perm nx, chair and mesos or sell it for Money USD
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vicetone Level 210 Scania Zero Transcendent
Im not saying you should do anything against the TOS. But im just saying this so called ("usd" sounds like a much better idea. Not saying you should do anyhhing , but im just saying.
Mar 09 2017
greatacer Level 241 Bera Beast Tamer Shared
I'm looking to buy or trade for the ring. PM me the price.
Mar 09 2017
tiguier Level 121 Bera Buccaneer
I'm willing to pay u in USD, NX or mesos. PM me
Mar 09 2017
risingrain Level 36 Bellocan F/P Wizard
Take your time selling. Since it's out of the books and the skills are getting properly added it's going to be very desired. It's already a lot better than a B-roid which costs a lot for just saving you a Buff Freezer every time you die.
Mar 09 2017
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