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S ranked inner ability, best 4 phantom Screen

By SharingSkill

SharingSkill Level 200 Bera Phantom 4
Oct 01 2012 Well i was trying to free some inventory so i used my circulators and this happened im happy and satisfied with it since im a phantom it was the best possibly out come. Im now sitting on 97% crit clean, with the card draw skill i would be at 100% crit AUO reppin'

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too bad your range isnt that good. would really help
Oct 05 2012
prosecuted Level 200 Galicia Dark Knight
Lol, I hit Near Cap on bosses so yeah, im good.[/quote]

Yeah, maybe bosses with next to 0 PDR and defense..
Oct 12 2012
wait for the phantom nerf. You would get 20% off of that. I feel bad for you. So buy more Crit%. GL
Nov 04 2012

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