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misterpang Level 210 Scania Phantom 4

There is currently a scam involved in Scania, where a scammer would create a character with similar IGN as some of the reputable players in-game. This can be simply done by exchanging L's and I's in some of the players' IGNs. These scammers would whisp the seller by saying that they are interested in purchasing the item being sold and tells them that they would need to login to their mule / another char. The seller would then "go first" in a transaction since they believe these scammers posing as some of the reputable players are well vouched.

This scam can be easily avoided if you simply chat or meet up the buyer in the same map on their MAIN character before they decide to log onto another character to carry out the transaction. I would highly encourage you to check the buyer or seller's farm name and guild as well. Unless the scammer posing as another player has the same appearance, job, level, guild, etc., this scam would be hard to pull off and can be easily avoided.
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bigbater Level 150 Scania Bishop
now players can scam and say it was a fake that copied their name wut
Aug 26 2016
lamato Level 233 Windia Shadower SquishyNoobs Guild
+1 @misterpang: I was referring to myself but that's fortunate that you were not affected.

I suggest that anyone who has any easy to misread IGNS to claim all related names on mules to discourage the "scam". If you find out that one is taken and your IGN is fairly unique, I'd start investigating.
Aug 26 2016
risastolemyhart Level 40 Scania Spearman
If you got scammed by going first in a trade, you deserve it.
Aug 26 2016
wumbo Level 213 Yellonde Shadower
Theres this scam in mybckn going on where people scam then come back in a few months on the same character and become considered reputable.
Aug 26 2016
windowlegs Level 142 Kradia Buccaneer
just meet up with the character.... who is acting so quickly to sell such expensive items!!?

in my honest to god imho opinion you might ore might not deserve it if you fall for such silly scams. no offense intended so please dont be offended by my harsh comment
Aug 26 2016
risastolemyhart Level 40 Scania Spearman
@liftconcept: i know man.

liftconcept, why don't you reveal your credit card and CVV number here. I'm sure nobody is going to take your money.
Aug 26 2016
liftconcept Level 230 Bera Zero Transcendent
+4 @risastolemyhart: you basically said whoever goes first in a transaction deserves to get scammed. Almost any transaction on maple someone gotta go first when a item is worth more than 10b. It's just how you do the transaction is where you deserve to be scammed or not.
Aug 26 2016
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