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Sair vs merc an invitation

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Beesafree Level 200 Mardia Corsair
this is an invite to mercs to vist the sair forum to see my study in sair vs merc

i didn't wanna post 2 threads containing the same info, one in each section, as it would clutter things up
and i didnt wanna post it in general because people not related to either class will clutter it and post stupid remarks
i'd love some mercs views on this

so here's the invitation
Posted: September 2012 Permalink


siuttybears Level 121 Windia Aran 4
No just no^
Sep 14 2012
MapleAddict206 Level 201 Khaini Phantom 4
Hurry before the Bowmasters arrive.[/quote]
What's worse: complaining that a class sucks at the present or complaining that a class used to suck for 2 years until an awesome revamp?
Sep 14 2012
JETT4h1re Level 110 Broa Blade Lord
Well i had a merc and i'm pretty sure sairs are stronger if thats what your asking. But I think i'll still make a new one on champion update since idc about dmg and everyone says merc is really fun
Sep 17 2012
rlaguddn Level 201 Mardia Mercedes 4
Sep 18 2012
Beesafree Level 200 Mardia Corsair
omg the dread pirate![/quote]

also, the guide is completely done, as accurate as possible
please find flaws in it
Sep 23 2012
FireColor Level 60 Khaini Assassin
Stairs are better.
But then again, maybe rope...
Sep 23 2012

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