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Sairs in PvP

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Marsmage Level 146 Scania Hero
Want to share your tips in PvP? I'm pretty awful and could use some help.
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Zeronos Level 120 Bera Cannoneer 4
Im not a sair but...
- ELE all the way. used to 2hit kill things. Try to jumpshot.
- RF is useless (at least 1 sec cast time)
- Headshot felt slow
- Nautilus leaves u vulnerable for 2 secs when casting

Bowmen go down in about 2-3 ELE shots, Thieves require at least 4 ELE, Mages are hard to take down, Warriors maybe 5 ELE shots.
Stay out range of phantoms. Only att when they using tempest. Expect to miss 75% of all atts
*note this is with my crappy equips. may be diff for u*
Thats all i got. Hope it helps
Oct 02 2012
Kizo Level 199 Scania Mechanic 4
Ele is the best skill to use in pvp.
Rapid Fire needs spacing for it to work.
Use Nautilus when you about to die.
Take advantage of your summons; it's best to place them near the bottom spawn areas.
Oct 02 2012
Beesafree Level 200 Mardia Corsair
summons summons summons
those summons take care of the harder to kill classes like pallys, thieves, and mercs (high avoid, or guards)

assuming even funding:
**Sair VS**
**All classes**
we are number one unbuffed vs unbuffed, no class compares - once another class gets there main buffs up we start to lose, mages have magic guard, warriors got power reflection and guardian, just kill them before they can get to you, dont be afraid to get right in the fray as soon as you respawn - you get a nice invincibility at the start of every life that time is best spent killing or summoning your summons, also, our ele is one of the few ranged moves that can attack in the air, jump off a platform downward and kill people hanging on ropes trying to use their buffs, sad thing is our wings skill would be wonderful here, but we cant use it

watch out for rush and monster magnet, highly funded warriors can kill us easily with MM and we are helpless against it sans pirate style, and rush will make us face the wrong way while they are 2 feet away from us ready to attack
the only thing hard here is their power reflection, it will usually kill you as you kill them, it sucks, but you'll get a kill for it
**Dark Knight**
they can dragon roar you while you cant reach them, using nautilus is rather ineffective too.... top middle or lower middle and you win, the sides give them the advantage, easy enough to kill if you can get em
Rage, even weak pallys can be infuriating - their guard is ridiculous activating more than holy hell, although, i find headshot to work surprisingly well, granted you can hit them, remember damage is dealt when the move starts, not when it ends
there range for a warrior is impressive, watch out, no real tips here, limited knowledge, the one i fought ohko'd me
**Demon slayers**
the ones i fought were low level and died easily

generally horrible to be fighting, they avoid often making our glass cannon style of play easy to overcome, we miss, they hit, we lose, our summons are gods against this, our summons arent affected as much by their avoid
usually not hard to kill, they have high mobility, get the first hit and you should win this encounter
you see someone that is in dark sight and with a dagger, RUN, that assassinate is more than enough to ohko us, and even low levels can get us.... that move is a close range move though, and we can usually outrun them, stay far enough away to not get killed, and attack when they stop being cowards
**Night lords**
they attack quick enough to make our life short, but they practice the same style of play, a ranged glass cannon, but we will miss them more than us, summons help a lot here, A LOT
generally not hard to fight, despite being a thief, good phantoms use their own moves, and they can kill you quick if caught off guard, but you have better range, stay away and attack, better mobility than you though

kill them before they use magic guard if you wanna kill them at all, that magic guard is so op that its not even right, i cant even kill lv 140's with that up, and mind you i am at 156k range constantly and 206k rarely
DOT, not much else going for them
best of everything, great teleport, Great range, Super strong, and still get magic guard
dont even attempt to fight em
** Battle Mage**
from what i hear they are devastating, but i never fought one

Free kills lol
Free kills lol
**Bow master**
Free kills lol
**Wild Hunter**
** Mercedes**
the only class in this category that is a bit harder to kill, this class acts like a thief, great mobility, and VERY wide attacks, can hit you when you dont expect them too, on top of all that they are hard as hell to hit, treat them like a night lord, let your summons help you

generally easy to deal with, never had a pirate compare to me
even match, basically first to attack is the last one to stand
Very nice range on Dragon strike, a good bucc can ohko you with it
same situation, a tad tougher than sairs to deal with though
fairly easy, i always get simultaneous kills with them it seems, try to catch off guard though
never had a problem with them
Free kills lol
Oct 02 2012
SriLankanKen Level 185 Windia Buccaneer
I know this sounds stupid but use when Blunderbuster sometimes.

It has better range than Fallisade and it's good as a finisher for pvp'ers with low hp.

Edit: Spam ELE, it's the best skill you have. I usually 1hit-2hit 90% of the people I pvp aganist (excluding warriors ofc) Summon and camp as well.
Oct 02 2012
ClassOf12 Level 200 Galicia Battle Mage 4
Also, don't even try to kill a BaM, DS, Mechanic or Cannoneer unless you see them on super low health
Oct 02 2012
ValorEye Level 190 Windia Demon Slayer 4
Eight legs is the best. Us corsairs can die as fast as we can kill. Funny though when I am against an unfunded corsair.
Oct 03 2012
wiiman360 Level 210 Reboot Evan 10th Growth
max headshot is awesome for the non-survability classes i can almost 1hit pirates and archers so for them i use 1 ELE and finish with headshot
Oct 04 2012
lazypando Level 200 Windia Corsair
- Nautilus leaves u vulnerable for 2 secs when casting[/quote]

boat on
boat off
gets rid of that icky cant-move period
Oct 08 2012
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