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I have lately been getting really annoyed when people just yell at me saying " HS HS HS" or "Stop attacking and get back on the rope".

Like honestly a please would help and if you think that I can not attacked and hs at the same time.... Then you have got it really wrong my friend.

Let this be a lesson to all you lovely people. Saying please is better then yelling at the bishop of is trying to help you level faster.
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Aznguy999 Level 175 Bera Bishop
@Soul4234: Although I understand exactly when you mean, you might be taking it a bit too seriously.
If they're exactly saying "HS HS HS" or "Stop attacking and get back on the rope", then yeah that's annoying.
But if they're just saying "HS", they're just trying to save their time from typing and more on playing. (The game isn't quite a formal place so this is to be expected)

Like what other people have mentioned, if you could do a good job buffing and attacking then you're fine.

I remember one time when I was LHCing, and doing both buffing and attacking.
When I felt like leaving, my party still needed HS.
So I decided to a.f.k., spamming a macro with HS, Bless, and Heal (Since I could spam it as long as I get bumped by monsters)
I told them that I would be back in about a hour or so before I actually log off.
When I left, I did not realize without invincible/mg, I would be die in ~4 hits.
But since there is a delay with HS and Bless, this would be a bit problematic (I thought that the heal would solve that problem entirely)
After 2 hour, I returned seeing that my party actually decided to "protect the bishop (aka me)" when I was away.
Although I actually died moments after getting back on the keyboard as my boogie died and so did my mp.

Generally, Not all parties are rude. If you don't like the party, leave until you find a good party to settle with.
Jun 03 2013
Existance1 Level 160 Kradia Evan 10th Growth
If they say I have to stay on the rope, I refuse to be part of the party. They can have fun finding another bishop that never lets HS/AB fall along with using Magic shell every 30 seconds.

I don't mind people saying HS especially if I forget. My only issue is when there is a dual blader in the party and they don't recognize that their skills can prevent HS (some are smart enough to know though).
Jun 04 2013
SoloCity74 Level 185 Scania Luminous 4
You can always leave the party or just HS them once every two minutes
Ive had people yell at me to HS them and saying Im not doing my job right
I usually just ignore them
Jun 04 2013
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