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Scariest Story ever

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isiah13 Level 185 Scania Hayato 4
[url=]Abandon By Disney 1[/url]

[url=]Abandon By Disney 2[/url]

first was good, 2nd one scared the crap out of me. this is coming from a guy who doesn't get why scary movies are scary.
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lmm616 Level 178 Bera Dark Knight
Are these screamers?
Sep 10 2013
ZOMGitjon Level 85 Scania I/L Mage
@lmm616: i skimmed the first one i didnt see a screamer

thanks for the videos imma listen to these while doing my hw
Sep 10 2013
isiah13 Level 185 Scania Hayato 4
Are these screamers?[/quote]

yes, though the 2nd one is better. but you'll get a better understanding of whats happening if you watch the first then the 2nd
Sep 10 2013

That literally scared the everything out of me; this is going to be a video game for my School project

That is the scariest thing I've ever watched
Sep 10 2013
[url=]the books and images scared me for years.[/url][/quote]

I **loved** reading those books in 3rd grade
Sep 10 2013
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