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Scrolling near-perfect arcglaive Video

By 268078243

268078243 Level 198 Scania Bishop
Feb 12 2011 Got my inspiration from here: <---perfect arcglaive
4 pam songs, 13 50% 2h weapon scrolls, 1 advance potential scroll, and one crimson arcglaive was used. around 2b to make this
Not perfect, but near it, I guess...

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Lol I guess you coulda just bought one for cheaper?
Feb 12 2011
matthew621 Level 39 Renegades Blade Acolyte
cube it
Feb 12 2011
henrylee0123 Level 182 Bera Blade Master
wow beautiful. how much mesos and NX did u spend in total to perfect arcglaive?
Feb 12 2011

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