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Seal hellux 59s Video

By simfel

simfel Level 224 Scania Kaiser 4 Studio Guild
Jul 30 2015 Slowly churning out the updated boss runs. Will upload the ones I haven't yet recorded on Kaiser as well, in due time.

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simfel Level 224 Scania Kaiser 4 Studio Guild
+1 you invested so much money on your account but you can't get a good graphic card?[/quote]

I only have a laptop and it works fine for schoolwork + MS, so I never even considered any card above the dedicated one that came with the laptop. It looks more or less fine on my screen (most likely because I'm used to the quality); if let me know the specific issues, maybe I can fix it up or get around the problem for future videos?
Aug 02 2015
spokentaco Level 213 Bellocan Kaiser 4
You should get better at using tempest blades that would help improve your time
Aug 03 2015
snoopypig Level 209 Scania Hero
Get that 'Practical Avg' to 50m!
Aug 05 2015

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