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Second Season Override Coin Shop

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So I'm still trying to get the unity ring and I'll probably have enough coins by the time the last Override Saturday Perk event where you get 30% off (or whatever it is) then.

Will the Synergy ring still be available in shop then?

Cause I noticed the current override coin shop ends in 10 days and we can get boxes until August 8th or something like that.

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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
Of f topic, is that Synergy ring any good ?
Jul 10 2017
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
@cris1000: ok, thanks. And that Unity ring mentioned, i havent seen that in the Override shop. Is it a no reboot item ?
Jul 11 2017
This is really late but the unity ring is the synergy ring.

I meant to say Synergy ring. My bad.

I think KMS calls it Unity. But they're both the same thing.

And super late but ty @darksword
Jul 15 2017
cantstopme Level 197 Windia Night Lord
ya but it not worth it bc the synergy ring aparrently does not give any synergy since u are supose to solo
i dont understand y nexon call it synergy when teres no teamwork involved
my point about it benefiting th company still stand tho esp when it comes to nexon
Jul 16 2017

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