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Second main need help

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nerdofbera Level 211 Bera Wind Archer 4
Hey guys i plan to make a second main for bossing regular bosses like normal gollux/madman ranmaru and other weaker bosses. The thing is i dont know which class to throw some funds on for the most efficient results. My options are between an Evan and Night Lord. So which one would be doing better with full cra and solid gollux set.
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nerdofbera Level 211 Bera Wind Archer 4
@helpingly: oh ya if it helps my Evan is lvl 203 and my NL is 175 idk if that should make that much of a difference though
Jan 16 2016
duydomo Level 201 Bera Cannoneer 4
make the evan and u can use it for ksing later on after that revamp >:]
Jan 16 2016

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