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Secondary Wep - 51% ATT, 25% Boss, 9%str Screen

By imcensored

imcensored Level 244 Bera Dark Knight
Aug 06 2014 creds to jchen88; should i recube the bonus pot for all ATT?

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Takumurai Level 172 Broa Blade Recruit
I think it's fine the way it is.
Huehue... gimme
Aug 06 2014
itoldyounoob Level 221 Arcania Paladin
You sir, make me quite sad.
If i could land 21% att i'd be satisfied. Instead they give me 21% total damage
Aug 06 2014
MedFat Level 211 Bera Blade Master
+8 I think you should recube for %mp for that last line
Aug 06 2014
ZuaDrago Level 185 Scania Xenon 4
Aug 06 2014

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