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Selling My Account

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shmulikipod5 Level 188 Bellocan Evan 10th Growth
Hello there

soon im quiting MapleStory after 10 years
and i wanna Sell the Whole account that i maked since 2010
-it has 42 Characters
-i have all Classes Exept 2(Hero And Marksman)
-all my Characters r lvl 160 to 220
-5 characters r lvl 160
-most of them r lvl 170+ 5 lvl 180+ and 1 lvl 190
-3 char lvl 200 with 5th job + that Evan lvl 220 the Main Character
-exept that Evan Zero Mihile the rest of the characters r Female include Angelic buster
-all the Characters r not much funded but they have fine dmg and i improved their weapons secondary weapons and emblem
-all my char has full set of root abyss gears with 10 stars exept the evan have full absolab gears epic 7% int 10 stars

and even more, just ask what u want to know

it very important cuz i must to sell the account fast as i can

the picture and name isnt updated
im EvanTrinity, Evan 5th job lvl 220, Bera
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trapstar Level 60 Scania Fighter
This is the worst place to sell your account. You're either scamming or asking to get scammed. There are far better options available to market your virtual account.

To name a few: playerauction, epicnpc, pixelmarket, /r/GamingMarket.

Much more legitimate than basilmarket. Sorry.
Aug 07 2018
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