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Sengoku High coin plan?

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iloveforher Level 220 Scania Shadower
Wanted to get an idea on how you guys are going about doing Sengoku High, like coin estimate per run/how many runs per item/etc!

I wanna get started, but unfortunately I work nights and I sleep a lot during the day so time is of the essence!!
Posted: February 2017 Permalink


frufrito Level 210 KradiaEMS Mihile 4
I think i got 79 yesterday, i used Spider and winter drop... Btw, how many times is sengoku high event per year?... Im asking because I read this event is four or three times per year.
Feb 17 2017
mrpirate Level 199 Windia Buccaneer
@frufrito: winter and spider dont stack, so only your winter buff was applied. and the event is usually 2-3 times/year
Feb 18 2017
freedom10a Level 211 Renegades Mechanic 4
I usually get a bit less than 70. With spider and nothing else. About 15 runs per item (6800 needed in total, i have done 92 runs and got 6300+ coins, a few runs were without spiders for some reason)
Feb 19 2017

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